How BIM Helps in Smart Project Management?

BIM Smart ManagementIn today’s day and age everything is about smart project management and employing tools and methodologies that embrace this. Strategies that have long term applications and can help from inception to completion are the type that are most sought after. BIM is now being adopted in a big way by the design team for all types of construction.

Implementing BIM in a construction project greatly contributes in the fundamental areas and is used at each and every stage. BIM is directly related to the designing of the project but in the long run it proposes profitable benefits in project management. It is important to understand what BIM offers and the areas where a construction company can take advantage of these aspects. It helps in areas such as cutting back on costs and minimizing wastage as well as time that is saved on planning and construction itself.

Some of the key areas we have identified where BIM leads to smart project management is when certain key issues are appropriately addressed and an organisation is able to profit from its utilization.

  • Time: With the use of BIM modeling services an organisation is able to make a significant difference in the time required for planning and for the actual project construction. Scheduling the different areas of work and the viewing the actual progress is much easier using BIM. It gives a 3D visual of the project making it easy to picture what is going on and where the current level of work has reached as well as what is the next level. It is much easier to calculate the estimated time frame. The construction industry are constantly bombarded with interruptions which lead to costly delays and a BIM model can help to reduce these delays considerably.
  • Cost estimation: Working out the cost estimation is usually done on an assumption basis. With BIM it is possible to see the exact requirements and come up with a more accurate estimation whether it is for manpower or construction material. BIM ensures that an organisation has a more efficient process for tracking expenses and the costs involved. This model makes it much easier to see where the expenses are higher and where it is possible to cut back on excessive costs.
  • Designing with BIM: The use of BIM by the design team allows the decision makers to get a better understanding of the construction project. With this in depth knowledge they are able to better address certain key question and get faster answers with the visual 3D design.
  • Procurement: The 3D design model allows the supervisors as well as the procurement team to clearly asses the exact requirement. They can also get a better understanding of the time frame for procurement with a clear view of the areas where the requirements are urgent as well as the time gap between the next orders.
  • Cuts back on losses and wastage: The 3D BIM help construction companies to cut back on losses that are encountered due to wastage. When the design is not clearly understood it could end up in a miscalculation and hence wastage leading to losses.

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