How BIM will Play a Major Role in Upcoming Smart Cities in India

The building model for many of the 2 tier cities in India are on an international scale. Aping to build hi tech cities with modern infrastructure and amenities is fast catching pace. These smart cities are all operating within a time frame which needs to be met without much of a time lag. The current government are keen to present the projects as theirs and would like to showcase it within their tenure.

bim smart citiesBIM greatly aids in not only a faster building model but also demonstrates how construction projects can be carried out efficiently within a shorter span of time. The 3D model helps the whole team to get a better understanding and a clear picture of the whole building plan. It clears out any confusion for those who are key decision makers and not very well versed with reading maps and constructions drawings. The BIM model gives an in depth view of each aspect and explains how the construction will take place and what can be expected as the end result. BIM helps to make a very effective presentation especially when it comes to the sourcing and allocation of funds.

BIM is an excellent tool for documenting the execution of a construction project. It can be used to define the different roles tasks and the responsibilities that the project would entail. It is easier to identify the goals of a project and present them accordingly with BIM. The 3D design not only makes it simple to understand but offers a new platform to explain the project and its various aspects on a more technical level with a 3D graphic view for improved comprehension.

Using BIM services, a project manager is able to stay up to date on the work flow as well as have a clear perspective of the time line that is being followed. With BIM the project manager is also able to deliver accurate timely reports of the project. He is also able to clearly asses the next batch of procurement and asses a more accurate estimation of the requirement.

Large projects need to be broken up into smaller modules and delegated to a number of different teams. BIM allows a managing team to keep a consolidated track of progress that it taking place with each module. Being able to identify problem areas and addressing to resolve these concerns becomes a lot easier with a BIM design module. This module comprises a large database that keeps track of the work flow in a synchronised manner. Thus it makes it easy to view the tasks that are under progress, those that have been completed and those that are still pending. The BIM also helps to ensure that guidelines are being followed for the construction project. Usually once a project is underway it is very easy for the guidelines to be ignored and the team tend to adopt the quick and easy way to complete tasks. However guidelines have been placed for various reasons and must be adhered to. The guidelines that are of utmost importance are safety and quality standards. Falling short on either of these could be detrimental for the project.

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